About Us

How We Started

I fell in love with crafting while on internship in college.  Every new project was better than the last.  I wanted to know how to make EVERYTHING!  It relaxed my nerves and brought joy to my heart.  I began selling my crafts at art fairs and vendor events for a while.  But the call to "get a real job" was strong and I stopped crafting.  Corporate America was what I went to college for after all.  Over the years, I would dabble in new projects and make items for friends.  When my daughter and I made soap as a fun weekend project, I could no longer deny the longing that had been with me for so many years.  My daughter LOVED making soap so much she asked if we could make it all the time (she was 6 soooo...)  From there, Sweet Pea 'N Me Crafts was born or rather re-born.

Our Mission

Our company is built on enjoying the moment and staying connected to family and community.  It's the little things in life that make us the happiest. My daughter and I make a variety of handcrafted products that allow us to spend time together while sharing our passion for crafting with others.  We host classes and events to bring people together for an hour or so to learn something new and have a little fun.  We make thoughtful gifts as well as items you use everyday. We understand that you don't always have the time or inclination to make these items yourself.  That is why you can find thoughtful gifts and a few household staples. on our website.  We take pride in using quality ingredients and eliminating many of the chemicals found in most mass produced products. We want to evoke thoughts and feelings of a simpler time.

Our Wish for You

We want you to remember to take a moment for yourself, so that you can be at your best when you give to others. Connect with your family & community because those connections help lighten the load of life.  When you purchase something from our shop or take a class, we want you to enjoy items that are Sweet. Simple. Handmade.